International Baccalaureate® (IB) is an educational program followed in schools worldwide. It aims to develop caring, knowledgeable and inquiring young individuals who are given motivation for success.

IB tries to create students who will construct a better world via intercultural respect and understanding. The IB program functions well with national curricula of all ages. Fact is, more than 50% of IB schools worldwide are funded by the state. There are even IB coaching centres in Gurgaon.

The IB program is different from other curricula since it:

  • Inspires students of all ages to challenge assumptions and think critically
  • It develops outside of national and government systems, including quality practices through research and resources from international network of worldwide IB Schools.
  • Encourages students of all backgrounds and ages to consider both global and local contexts.
  • Creates multi-lingual students.

Schools need to be authorized to follow IB curriculum. All schools which offer IB programs are referred to as IB World Schools.

International Education

IB provides a continuum of education that consists of four programmes which are united  by IB philosophy and its teaching and learning approach. The program promotes both academic and personal achievement  which poses a challenge before students to excel in both personal development as well as their studies.

Quality Practice

IB programs include inputs from international and national research studies and practices of IB world community. These programs encourage students to be globally minded, within a hyper-connected and complex world.

How To Learn

In case of all IB programs, students develop approaches to skills of learning and other qualities of the profile of an IB learner.

Students are enabled to undertake responsibility for their personal learning  and be aware of how even knowledge is constructed; this is part of unique IB program of TOK ( Theory of Knowledge) course. They are inspired to try various approaches to learning and undertake responsibility for their own progress in education.

The IB program helps students to:

  • Think critically
  • Ask questions which are challenging
  • Develop skills for research which will help them in higher education

The IB program inspires students also to take active part in their communities and trace  a path towards success, not bound just by academic study.

IB provides major benefits to schools. In case you wish to become a World School, you will have  access to:

  • Educational programs of high quality that encourages development of inquiring and knowledgeable students.
  • Improve professional development of teachers which encourages effective educators and professional communities of learners who collaborate.
  • Develop a global network of well respected IB World Schools, collaborating to share their best practices.

Student Performance

As per research covering international schools from 2009 to 2011, students in the Middle Year Program (MYP) of IB and also its  Primary Years Program (PYP) fared better than non-IB students.

Additional research reveals that graduates of Diploma Program (DP) finish college quicker than peers, are more prepared for coursework in college that involves research and are much more able to cope with stringent workloads and challenges of time management.

Student performance in IB can be improved by top class tutoring in individual subjects. For instance,  search online for top class IB economics tutors.

These are all some aspects about International Baccalaureate.

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