Private tutoring is quite widely practiced in our country. Which most parents notice are the immense benefits a child avail to when they are introduced to private tutoring. Recent research studies have also pointed out that tutoring can help a student better his/her grades by at least one and half points.

Though getting a tutor may seem like an attractive idea, it is also a great decision a family has to make. Here are some of the reasons why you should get a private tutor:

  • When your child is falling behind in academics
  • Is not getting good grades
  • Haven’t been achieving potential
  • Cannot cope with the load of homework
  • Is not interested in going to school
  • Trying to avoid homework
  • Feels extremely stressed regarding grades and exams
  • Having difficulty in certain learning aspects like writing and reading

IB schools are quite efficient in helping students grow holistically and be masters in academics. There are several IB coaching centres in Gurgaon that prepare students for appearing for tests in IB schools.

Some of the benefits of having a private tutor at home would be:

Tutors are able to work according to the pace of your child. Sometimes the lessons in schools can go real quick which might take a while for your kid to grasp. Having a home tutor will help your child revisit those portions to make sure he/she understands them. Your child will also get the opportunity to ask questions whenever he/she has a doubt.

Private tutors are able to provide individual attention to your kid. Normally in schools, each class comprises of at least 30 to 35 students which makes it very difficult for the teacher to pay individual attention to your kid. As in case of home tutors, they are able to provide it to your child which will eventually result in better productivity. You can also choose from several IB tutors available online.

Private tutors will not only stick to your school syllabus, but also teach your child a lot more. They help your child in enhancing their knowledge which is a great way to start shaping a child’s personality.

If your child has any learning obstacles like difficulty in writing, reading, solving math sums, etc, a private tutor can be of great help. Having a private tutor will give your child an opportunity to overcome these obstacles and become able.

It is quite flexible to have a private tutor a home especially when you have quite a busy schedule at work. You can cancel dates and postpone them to other dates whenever it is really important. In that way, your child will not miss out on important topics.

Having a tutor will help your child in discovering his/he dreams and objectives. Along with that, the tutor can also help in working towards those goals.

These points show that how your child could be benefitted by a private tutor. if you think your child needs one, get one today!

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