The Relation between the Study of Chemistry and Math in IB

Chemistry and math are two critically important subjects you study in IB structure. However, students find it difficult to get a balance in their study pattern for both the subjects. This happens due to the lack of planning and the resource and guidance unavailability.

To avoid such situations, it is important that you find an experienced teacher for the ib math Coaching along with a teacher who has the capacity to make chemistry simpler. With that, you can find the similarities in the study pattern of both the subjects and create a systematic way of learning to balance every topic.

Here, in this post, you will find the similarities and relationships between the study pattern of chemistry and mathematics.

  1. The need for extensive research

Every topic either from the mathematics or chemistry requires an extensive research. Just like the way you dive into the concepts of math before practicing the problems, the topics like chemical bonding, equilibrium, and others require research too. So, if you are able to develop the critical thinking and the ability to understand the concepts, the skill helps in both the subjects.

  1. Regular practice

Practice is definitely important for every subject. But in case of the chemistry and math, the practice methods seem pretty similar. For both the subjects, you require testing your knowledge of concepts and phenomena in order to rely on them when it comes to real tests. This is the reason why both the chemistry, as well as math teachers, put pressure on practicing the concepts again and again. The more problems you solve, the better you get in terms of the subject and topic knowledge.

  1. The understanding of equations

The equations are a part of both the subjects. Mathematics presents variable equations in different forms. You learn to solve those equations and find the answers. Similarly, chemistry presents topics such as the mole concept, oxidation-reduction, reacting masses and volumes and various other topics that present different kinds of equations. Though the chemical equations seem different than the mathematical ones, both require the understanding of the same basic mathematical solving skills. When you look at the chemical equations like the mathematical ones, they start making more sense to you. As a result, learning those equations gets much easier.

  1. The number game

Numbers are everywhere. And chemistry can’t be studied without playing the interesting game of numbers. Just like the mathematics, you use numbers in chemistry as well. The topics including the mole concept, molar mass, atomic mass, electronic configuration, oxidation and reductions, chemical equations, Thermochemistry and various other topics rely on numbers to a great extent. The knowledge of numbers, allows you to understand the concepts of equilibrium and chemical kinetics. And the same applies when you are learning measurement and data processing.

So, now you know how chemistry and math are associated in terms of study patterns. Leverage this idea to improve your studies. For a better approach, contact Score Excellence for a reliable ib chemistry tutor.


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