The IB is a mode of teaching where learners are exposed to completely new world of education. If you compare IB to other Boards of education like A-level or CBSE or ICSE, students in IB schools are exposed to a much wider selection of subjects.

Students also become more versatile as they are given the freedom to select their own type of textbooks. IB was created originally for children of globetrotting executives but this image has changed. It is considered ideal today for any student who wants a broader education. Thus there is demand for tutors like IB chemistry tutors in Gurgaon.

The IB was launched in the late 1960’s to cater to a growing number of internationally mobile students. Such students did not want education which was tied up with the agenda of national governments. For instance, initially it was aimed at bringing together the students of the East and West in the Cold War era. One of its stated aim is to promote intercultural understanding and world peace.

During the course, students take up one subject from each of six groups of subjects (arts, languages, sciences etc) and study 3 of them to a higher level. Also they take a course in- ‘Theory of Knowledge’ (TOK), contribute an Extended Essay and take part in “Service, Creativity and Action which implies, ‘community service, creative projects and sports’. For help in all these, you can take assistance of tutors like Chemistry tuition teachers for IB.

Here are some major benefits of IB:

  • Development of Active Learners

The main benefit of IB is that it creates active learners because of the nature of courses offered. All courses inspire learners to comprehend how they learn as well as how to apply what they have learnt. It ensures that students gain access to world class education which is provided by a uniform curriculum and features a great variety of modes of assessment.

  • Comprehensive curriculum

IB provides one of the most comprehensive curriculum of today. It has many rigorous programs which are particularly designed for gifted and motivated students, focusing on a selected academic areas. This provides a solid foundation to students in wide arenas of knowledge. IB is a great teaching philosophy whose main aim is the complete development of learner.

  • Motivation of students

Typically, IB attracts learners who are highly motivated and enhances access to students who are under-privileged. Because it provides a learning program with international orientation, IB encourages international competition. This enables students to become part of a global community and compete with talent, worldwide.

  • Widely respected results

Another benefit of IB is that its diplomas and certificates are greatly respected by colleges and universities. In fact, participation in a specific program points to the commitment and dedication of learners. It leads to acceptance at well reputed colleges and universities.

Though subject matter of IB is not very tough, it needs much effort for success. Students have been reported to work long hours and limited diet for the sake of this program.

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