How to Prepare Yourself for IB Biology

The interesting topics of biology are provided in the curriculum of IB. The syllabus includes the study of plants, ecology, genetics, and many other topics. However, the complexity of the topics sometimes becomes troubling for the students.

The only way to reduce the confusion is to practice and test yourself. And while top class ib tutors help you test your skills and prepare better, you can also test yourself along with it.

Here, you will find some of the most valuable tips on preparing yourself for the IB biology.

1. Prepare a schedule to cover all the topics

There are about 10 topics in the syllabus of biology. And every topic contains a detailed study of various sub-topics. A vast syllabus like this requires planning. So, you need to start by setting up a schedule that allows you to cover all these topics. You should evaluate the topics to decide a set period of time for each one of them. Topics such as chemical elements and water, genetics, others can get more time due to their complexity. However, the time division depends on your preference.

2. Keep on practicing statistical analysis

Statistical analysis is an important part of the syllabus. You should decide regular revision to work with the data. While others topics are going on, you can give some time to this section every once in a while. This way, you can cover the topics and stay on the right track in terms of statistical analysis.

3. Revise topics in a systematically manner

The process of revision is important and usually very student revises the topics prepared. However, it is the systematic approach that makes your revision highly productive.

The systematic approach is about arranging your topics in a relevant sequence. For instance, you can start your revision with the cells and move towards genetics. Make sure every topic becomes helpful for you in the revision of the next one. This kind of relevancy creates a network of knowledge in your mind. You attain the ability to connect one topic with the other. As a result, one concept shows you the path towards the other.

4. Test your skills

Testing is extremely important part of preparation. And there are two ways of testing for the exam. You can leverage the tests provided by the expert tutors. Plus, you can test yourself as well. While testing yourself, you need to be strict about it. Make sure you follow the guidelines that help you during the exams. Follow the format and become familiar with the most effective ways of completing the exam.

Test procedure should be on-going,which is why you need to test yourself after completing each and every topic. Also, take the test for a set of two or more relevant topics. This helps in retaining the knowledge and learning the time management skills for the exams.

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