What is MYP and what are its aims and desired outcomes?

In accordance with the aims of IB ®  of nurturing progressive and global minded students, the IB ® has framed the Middle Years Programme or the MYP for students aged 11 to 16.

The MYP is designed to be a five year programme which can also be implemented in 2, 3 or 4 years. The principal aim of the MYP is to hone the students into critical, creative and reflective thinkers by a curriculum designed to challenge and accelerate their budding learning curve. The students are encouraged to be connect their learning and the real world in a contextual manner.

Besides developing the student’s skills and inculcating a learner’s attitude, the MYP also focusses on moulding and guiding the emerging sense of identity and self into conscious, empathetic and tolerant world citizens, able to switch between the local, national and international perspective with ease.

The MYP is a critical component of an IB ®  education, given that it lays the foundation for the Diploma Programme or the DP. Students will be navigating issues like personal and cultural identity, relationships, innovation as a way of thinking, fairness, tolerance and diversity.

The net result is that by the time the programme finishes,  the student has successfully finished a crucial component of his/her education along with holistic personality development and bring it all together to be a well rounded person.

What are the advantages of MYP?

With its focus on conceptual understanding, academic rigour and an emphasis of approaching learning in an interdisciplinary manner, an IB ®  MYP ensures that the student develops into an intellectually bright, curious and value driven citizen. The benefits of these become apparent when the student develops a habit of cross pollinating ideas from multiple disciplines to tackle a specific situations- a skill critical to professional and personal success.

Studies have shown that students of IB ®  MYP outperform non IB ® students especially in academic proficiency and non academic parameters.

MYP Curriculum

The MYP curriculum comprises of 8 subject groups

Language acquisition
Language and literature.
Individuals and societies.
Physical and health education.

Each subject group requires at least 50 hours of teaching time annually. In the last 2 years of the programme, the student is given the option of taking 6 out of the 8 subjects, to accommodate his/her individual learning needs and goals.

Besides regular studies, projects are also considered important, in line with the IB ®  philosophy of exposing students to practical application and teamwork. MYP students also participate in at least one collaboratively planned interdisciplinary unit that involves at least two subject groups.

MYP students also engage in a long-term project, where they unify their existing knowledge with their creativity. Through this process, they learn the skills of inquiry, action, connecting learning with practical outcomes, equipping them with both hard and soft skills.

ScoreX ™  focuses on assisting the students in sciences and maths exclusively. For information on the other study groups, please refer to the IB ®  website.


The MYP sciences group, comprising traditional subjects like physics, chemistry and biology along with any additional subjects which the school offers.

The IB ®  ethos of developing critical thinking skills is emphasized even more in this subject group with its emphasis on conceptual understanding and an investigative attitude. Through research, observation and experimentation, both independently and collaboratively, students hone their spirit of scientific inquiry so crucial for holistic success in life.


A handmaiden of the sciences and a key cornerstone of progress, maths is a crucial subject to learn, not just because it is useful, but also because its study inculcates reasoning and logical skills, which is the key aim of an IB ®  Education.

The MYP maths group aims to equip students with the requisite maths skills that are useful to students both inside and outside the classroom. Covering the general areas of algebra, geometry, trigonometry and statistics.

The MYP maths curriculum is offered at 2 levels-

1)  Standard mathematics- which covers the basic principles of the topics

2)  Extended mathematics- the topics in standard mathematics are supplemented by additional topics and focus on breadth as well as depth.

The extended mathematics is useful for students who wish to pursue maths HL in the IB ®  DP.

How does ScoreX ™ contribute to a student’s IB ® education?

ScoreX ™  offers premium IB ®  tuitions for both maths and science to assist MYP students. Students are taught by IB ®  certified faculty with a combined experience of more than decades. Given how crucial the subjects are and the fragility of the student’s learning curve, our faculty takes special care to ensure conceptual clarity and academic rigour in every student.

We have a standardized our teaching pedagogy called ScoreX ™ Edge precisely to ensure this

How does ScoreX ™ Edge help a student?

Our combination of IB ® ® certified tutors and teaching pedagogy ensures that the student:

Understands theories and concepts of science and maths from the basic first principles properly
Makes connections between different topics and develops a habit of cross pollinating ideas
Develop the essential mental skills required for a successful IB ® ® ® education
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Guidance and motivation for competitive examinations

Language acquisition

In this subject group, students are given the opportunity to learn additional languages. The subjects are aimed at helping students appreciate the features and nuances of a different language, its culture and a different way of viewing the world. While the acquisition of languages confers several tangIB ® le advantages like communication skills, it also gives the student the intangIB ® le edge that comes with such linguistic comfort.

Language acquisition is a compulsory component of the MYP in every year of the programme. IB ®  certified schools are expected to provide sustained learning in at least 2 languages.

Language and Literature

Language is a key component of IB ® ’s approach to learning, linking the skill of critical thinking with the ability to be comfortable with the nuances of language and literary works. The subject group aims to develop skills in 6 areas- Listening, Speaking,  Reading, Writing, Viewing and Presenting.

The course also helps them in exploring and generating fresh insights into moral, social, economic, political, cultural and environmental domains through their interaction with a diverse group of texts. Students are required to study a wide range range of both literary and non literary works and develop the six key skills enumerated above.

Individuals and Societies

Combining the traditional humanities subjects and social sciences, this subject group enables students to collect data and interpret complex information. The aim is to hone the research and analytical skills of the students.

The course are categorized into two- discrete and modular courses. The discrete courses focus primarily on individual courses like  local or national history; geography, economics while modular courses focus on study of multiple subjects for which students receive one grade for this group.


An IB ®  education focusses not only on logical and “left brain” skills, but also on developing the creative and artistic side of the student. This not only equips students with the habit of creative expression, but also helps in the healthy emotional and personality development.

In years 1 to 3 of the MYP, students are required to take up a minimum of a visual arts and one performing arts discipline. In the years 4 and 5 of the programme, students are given the option of choosing any of the 5 arts disciplines.
The 5 arts disciplines are:
Visual art

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