IB DP Maths

IB ® Maths HL/SL

Maths is one of the six subject groups in the IB ® DP.  IB ® also requires the student to study at least one course in mathematics.

In the maths DP programme, there are 2 levels that are offered to students

1) Standard Level (SL)

2) Higher Level (HL)

3) Further mathematics higher level

While Further mathematics higher level is for students with both the zeal and the talent for maths, the other 2 levels are the ones commonly offered. Many students are often confused when deciding between the two.

Fortunately, we have summed up the essence of this question in a simple table which should help you decide wisely.

Standard Level Maths (SL) Higher Level Maths (HL)
What does IB Says? The majority of these students will need to expect a sound Mathematical background as they prepare to study in subjects such as chemistry, economics, psychology & business. The majority of these students will be expecting to include mathematics as a major component of their university course, either as a separate subject in its own or as a part of other studies such as physics, engineering and technology.
For Whom? Students who do not have STRONG Mathematical knowledge but have basic knowledge of Mathematics. Students may take this subject if they have strong mathematical interest and enjoy engaging with maths problems.
Tuition Hour Required Total 150 Hours ( Core – 140 Hours, Portfolio – 10 Hours) and NO Option Content Total 240 Hours ( Core- 190 Hours, Option – 40 Hours, Portfolio – 10 Hours )
How much to study? Maths SL requires lesser effort in terms of both time and number of topics Maths HL requires 60% extra hours of study as compared to SL and requires more effort as well
Cut Off Cut off for SL Maths is much higher than HL Maths (Approx 88%) given its relatively easier difficulty level Cut off for HL Maths is much Lower compared to SL Maths. (Approx 77%)
How it helps? Equips a student with enough basic maths skills to utilize in further education without strain Equips a student with mathematical aptitude for a career with a significant maths component
IB ® Curriculum

The curriculum consists of  is made up of six subject groups and the DP core, comprising theory of knowledge (TOK), creativity, activity, service (CAS) and the extended essay. The six subject groups are:

1) Language Acquisition

2) Studies in language and literature

3) Individuals and Societies

4) Mathematics

5) Sciences

6) Arts

In today’s world, maths is a key component of not only many physical and natural sciences, but also in other areas like Engineering, Technology, Commerce and humanities. As you can see from the table above, deciding between  IB ® SL and HL is not a decision to be taken lightly, given the potential impact on career choices and grades. Besides these considerations, a proper grasp of maths is essential especially to be comfortable in the science subjects (Group 4), one of which is compulsory.

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