IB DP Chemistry

Chemical reactions lie at the heart of  the natural world, both physical and biological systems. The study of these fundamental chemical principles constitute the broad area of chemistry.

While chemistry can be an exclusively field of study in itself, a proper grasp of the subject is crucial, given that it opens many career options as diverse as engineering, medical, environmental sciences. Given the latest advancements being made in the field of nanotechnology and materials science, an awareness of the subject becomes even more critical if the student is contemplating a career in exotic and newly advancing fields of study.

A quick look at the fields mentioned above shows that chemistry is often an important prerequisite, with direct or indirect relevance to the degree programs. Thus, it is essential that a student be adequately be prepared for it.

SCOREX ™ offers the best IB ®  chemistry coaching with IB ®  certified faculty drawn from premier institutes. We make sure that the student not only understands the subject conceptually, but also gets comfortable with the mathematical portions as well. This ensures academic rigour while studying this subject, while enjoying the subject as well.

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Our combination of IB ® certified tutors and teaching pedagogy ensures that the student:

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Develop the essential mental skills required for a successful IB ® ® education
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Guidance and motivation for competitive examinations

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