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International Baccalaureate ®  is an international educational organization that aims to provide an all round/ holistic education to students worldwide through a specific and standardized way of education that is student (or the “learner”) centric rather than exam centric.

IB ® can be seen as an alternative perspective on education with its emphasis on learning, rather than rote, and develop the habits of lifelong curiosity, a learner’s attitude, rigorous academic standards coupled with corresponding personal growth.

IB ® aims to utilize this perspective for an education that nurtures students as global, progressive, active and compassionate world citizens.

An IB ® education assures you of an education:

That recognizes the learner’s needs and uniqueness
Develops rigorous and effective approach to both teaching and learning accordingly
Promotes the child’s individuality, personal growth, and creativity
Moulds him/her into a progressive global citizen


Apart from the academic concept clarity our focus is also to transform a good student into a good test taker. We prepare the students with stress management, time management and other proven tools to equip them with all the attributes required to attain test excellence.

ScoreX™ Advantages:

Diagnostic Test (SWOT analysis for a customized road-map)
Highly Researched Material
Content Team with over 100 man years of combined teaching experience
State of the art facility – Better Environment, Better Scores
Periodic Tests with detailed analysis
Small Groups for personalized attention
Trainers with prior experience of not only respective boards but also competitive exams
Additional Reference Material
Library Facility with numerous books to refer
Online Student Portal (Coming Soon)

The Score Excellence Edge

We are SCOREX™ , Unit of Score Excellence Pvt. Ltd., a premium learning centre, based out of Gurgaon, offering IB ® maths tuitions and complete guidance for IB ® students.

Since its inception, SCOREX™ has been committed to a single minded focus on the educational needs of our students. Our entire IB ® coaching methodology, study material and faculty is designed around this to ensure that the students get the possible assistance for a world class education.

Our IB ® certified faculty members are drawn exclusively from premier institutes that assures the quality and content for all your IB ® coaching needs, both SL and HL. More importantly, it is our focus on the student’s personal learning needs and comfort that truly sets us apart.

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Tuitions & Test Prep

Tuitions Mapped with Board & School Curriculum
Regular Doubt Clearing Sessions
Parent Teacher Connect


Experienced & Certified Faculty from Premium Institutes like NITs, NSIT, IIITs etc.
Personal Attention & Customized Roadmap for each student
Online Help (When Needed)

Faculty Team

Mr. Sukhraj Singh
Mr. Ashok Wadhawan
Ms. Kiran Pandey
Mr. Harsh Bhat

Experienced & Certified Trainers

State of the art Facility

100 Years Teaching Experience

Comprehensive Material

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