1) 29% of India’s Population is below the age of 14 providing a massive opportunity

2) 260 Million is the number of students in India going to school

3) 34.2 Million students enrolled for higher education and colleges in 2015

4) Education Market Size in India is expected to be US$144 Billion by 2020

Looking at the above data one can be sure about the massive growth opportunity available for any investor in the field of education and tutoring. Education Industry is one of the most critical sectors for our nation thereby not only provides a massive opportunity for any investor but also allows one to be a part of the respected fraternity. This industry provides a booming and recession-proof opportunity for any entrepreneur.

Why Partner with SCOREX™

1) Become a part of the one of the most dynamic and young team in the industry

2) Low investment compared to the bigger brands ( bigger brands association costs run in Crores      thereby practically creating an entry barrier for SMEs & Individual Entrepreneurs and also increasing the turn around time of business going into Years)

3) Well researched material – SCOREX™ will provide you with awesome material and content for your students to perform exceedingly well

4) Cutting Edge Technology – With our inhouse platform SCOREX™ will not provide you with cutting edge technology to manage business but will so provide it to your students where they can watch videos, solve tests, take drills and track their performance.

5) Huge Range of Products – Our vast range of products are a perfect mix of year long requirements and seasonal requirements. Our business model will allow you to catch the student young and then cater the student for multiple years and multiple products thereby significantly reducing the acquisition cost of the customer.

6) 5 Stage Business Support – SCOREX™ will provide you support in a comprehensive 5 stage approach : 1. Business Enablement 2. Product Portfolio Training 3. Faculty Training 4. ERP to manage business 5. Marketing Support

7) Tuitions & Test Preparations under one roof : Students struggle between schools, tuitions and then coaching institutes. Imagine a business model where you can take their worry away from hopping from one place to another by providing them both tuitions and test preparations under one roof.

8) Grow with us – We are a growing company and we invite you to come along and grow with us and make a fortune in the most exciting business space.

What do we look for in our prospective business partner:

1) Excitement and Zeal for the education space

2) Good Educational Background thereby understanding of the importance of quality education

3) Capacity to invest ( Between 30L to 45L depending on the category of the city )-This includes all possible costs of starting the business

4) A go getter approach and hands on approach for sales & marketing

5) Ability to hire and lead a team of young & dynamic trainers

6) Ideas that can bring about a change

7) A prior experience in education space is always preferred

What will SCOREX™ provide:

1) A wide range of products

2) A comprehensive ERP to manage the business

3) Business Partner Training

4) Faculty Training

5) Well researched and up to date books and material including class notes and teacher’s guides

6) Online guest lectures from renowned trainers for students – time to time

7) Online tools for the students

8) Marketing Support in terms of branding and online

9) A Hand holding and family oriented approach

10) A proven and rewarding business model

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