How Can Parents Bring a Difference in Their Child’s Academic Success

After the shine of a new academic year fades off, students are expected to return back to the academic business. The homework assignments can get tougher as they move from middle to high school. The workloads also become significantly heavier. It can be a great challenge for many to overcome all the pressure in a limited amount of time.

Most parents wish for their children to be star students. But, to know the secret hind getting an A grade would reside in strategic study skills and dedication. Some parents may also hire tutors to assist with the subjects their children are weak in. If your child is in an IB school, you can find many IB tutors in Gurgaon who are excellent at their job.

In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the ways parents can help their children out.

It is important to communicate with your child regarding the expectations you have from them. Though, you must take care that you are not being overbearing regarding this matter.

Most schools, especially IB schools have parent portals that allow parents to keep a tab on the grades their child receive in every assignment. Checking on it regularly to understand where your child is lagging behind will help you overcome the vulnerability. IB tuitions can be of great help in such scenarios for specific subjects.

You can try discussing learning strategies with your child to help them understand and learn better in school. It can include the use of flashcards, ways of proofreading, reviewing notes, revising with written drafts, etc.

Many research studies have said that students have been able to benefit greatly when they engage in active discussion regarding their goals and aspirations. Fostering career aspirations is the first step to success. The aspirations may keep fluctuating during the time your child is in high school for the purpose of self-discovery. But, it is important to speak about the importance of setting goals and carving pathways to achieve them.

It is important to promote short term and long term goals for encouraging high achievement. You can discuss such goals with your child to help them overcome any obstacle in the path of success. Also try to review every week, month, and semester.

Making plans for the future is also crucial. You can try discussing with your child regarding the future and what he/she may want to do ahead in life. Ask him/her to picture themselves 5 years down the line.

There are certain habits that are necessary in order to attain success in school. Some of them are:

  • Reasoning ability
  • Perseverance and diligence
  • Regularity

Try encouraging your child to join different clubs and activities that will help them grow holistically. It not only will be useful in the future, it will also help in developing a strong bond with the school and fellow classmates.

Most important of all, communication is an absolute necessity. Try talking to child often and get to know them better. Be their friend and help them grow. It will be a long way.

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