Benefits of Co-curricular Activities in School

You wouldn’t be doing justice to your kid if you still believe in a pure academic form of education in this 21st century. A whole new form of education system has been introduced to make sure that your child is developing in these three major areas of functioning;

  • Reasoning
  • Emotional learning
  • Psychomotor

Education is quite broad in nature which goes way beyond just the classroom. The aim of education is to make sure that every child has an all-round development. It is an umbrella term for development in the areas of physical, intellectual, social, sensible, and moral development. The foundation of this kind of development is laid by education. This means, equal importance is given to all the areas. IB schools follow an all-round developmental model from a very young age which also includes the academics equally. For people, who want an IB biology tutor in Gurgaon will get plenty of eligible candidates in the city.

It is important to maintain a balance between the books and co-curricular activities to ensure that it does not get to pressurizing for the child. Co-curricular activities are basically activities that do not happen in the classroom, but outside the pen and pencil experience. It provides an opportunity for the kids to develop skills that are non-academic in nature. Some of these activities may include art, music, drama, etc. There are several values that co-curricular activities help in fostering. There are:

  • Cultural values
  • Educational values
  • Physical development values
  • Psychological values
  • Recreational values
  • Development of civic values
  • Development of social values

It is also important to understand that no doubt co-curricular activities are important for education, but academic performance is also equally needed. If having difficulty in managing the academic curriculum of an IB school, you can look for IB tuitions in Gurgaon offered by ScoreXfor extra help.

Below, we are further going to discuss some of the major benefits of co-curricular activities:

  • Overall personality: It is quite useful in enhancing the all-round personality of all the students to be able to cope with life stressors in the future. The experiences that these students gain from these activities can be quite helpful for internships and other related sponsorship programs.
  • Self-confidence: Co-curricular activities help in making students more fit and build a sense of sportsmanship, leadership, competitive spirit, cooperation, and team spirit. All of this greatly helps in boosting the self-confidence of an individual.
  • Specialized skills: Co-curricular activities provide exposure to those students who have a knack for such activities and are talented as well. It helps them build those skills that they may need in future for building a career.
  • Improved academic performance: Research has shown that when students also pursue their hobbies alongside their academics, their results seem to significantly improve. It also teaches them to manage time efficiently.

Co-curricular activities come with so many benefits. Hence, a school that promotes both, academics and co-curricular activities is an ideal institution for education.

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